About Us



My complete name is Dr. Leif A. Rivera and I’m a career Soldier, a Veteran of Foreign Wars and a knife-maker originally from New York, stationed with the US Army in Atlanta, Georgia at Dobbins Air Force Base.  I am a Medical Officer now serving in a non-clinical role as a Battalion Commander.  I made my very first knife when I was 4 years old while living in Stockholm, Sweden from fish bones found in the fjords and fishing line.  Since then, I’ve been hooked!

Knife-making takes a lot of work and effort, but every free moment that I have while not being a Dad or serving my country, I am in the shed banging out custom blades and/or handles for fellow Armed Service Units, other Service Members, Disabled Veterans, and Customer Patriots, like you!


Please feel free to contact me for all of your custom knife needs!